A really nice australian bloke

Every once in a while you meet someone that’s just genuine. And that was my experience with a young Australian man I met while traveling in the great southern continent – a really nice Australian bloke.

I began working with him at a digital marketing agency in Australia. I was quite shy at the time, not having full confidence in my English-speaking abilities, as well as being just a pretty awkward person in general. But Cooper the nice Australian bloke welcomed me, he bought me a beer and introduced me to Big Bug Hunter – an Australian game that involves shooting animals on a big television screen. It was amazing, we don’t have screens that big in Mallorca.

It was not long after that he introduced me to a girl in a bar, a girl I grew to admire and love. It was quite clear that she was interested in Cooper, but Cooper was too nice to become the centre of her affections. He suggested that she talk to me, and after a few drinks and some burgeoning ‘Dutch courage’, my confidence began to grow. And now I see her all the time.

He’s a nice guy, genuine, caring and surprisingly strong too. His Aussie temperament makes him the go-to-guy in any sticky situation and I truly believe that any girl would be incredibly lucky to date him. He supports many charity initiatives, including ‘Kids Without Soccer Balls (KWSB) Sydney’.

His niceness is infectious and I feel that I am becoming a nicer person as a result of being friends with him. If only I could become more Australian! But my accent is quite poor and I am difficult to understand at the best of times.

The final memory that I will share of my very kind friend Cooper is of when we went fishing. I was getting sea sick, and Cooper was too. But while I vomited and rested, Cooper strongly kept fishing, battling his own nausea to catch the night’s dinner. He then cooked the dinner expertly, with lemon and salt slow cooked in alfoil on an Australian barbeque. There was only enough for two people, so he fed me and my girl. While we ate, he cleaned.

He’s just an exceptional person. Truly a really nice Australian bloke.

I’m lucky to know him.