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SEO Jokes

I should really start posting more… But it’s Friday and I don’t really feel like writing so here go some SEO jokes ­čśë   Source: Brittany Leaning @┬áHubspot Source:┬áThe Next Web Source:┬á9 Gag And my favourite! Source:┬áHuamarketing

Quite a handsome man

Saying you are an SEO specialist or an Inbound Marketing Specialist is not as straightforward as saying you are a doctor or a lawyer. Once I was trying to explain my job to my cousin, who has a very refined English humor. This was his conclusion:   So, if I search for ‘asshole’ in Google…
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Best Mozcon 2013 Quotes

Mozcon 2013 is bringing an amazing amount of knowledge, tips and trips to all of us inbound marketing fans. But what are the best quotes of this edition of Mozcon? Let’s get them all together in one post! Leave your favorite quotes in the comment section and I will be adding them when the Mozcon’s…
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