Saying you are an SEO specialist or an Inbound Marketing Specialist is not as straightforward as saying you are a doctor or a lawyer. Once I was trying to explain my job to my cousin, who has a very refined English humor. This was his conclusion:


So, if I search for ‘asshole’ in Google I will find your picture. Right?



Since then I have been able to explain my job with more or less grace to those outside the field except for… when a cute girl asks me in a bar. I don’t know what it is, but I always end up with a very low satisfaction feeling after I explain ‘what I do for a living’ to a girl in a club. So I decided to do something about it, and here’s where my cousin’s comment comes into play.

Believe it or not, ‘asshole’ is a pretty competitive keyword. Even if I would want to rank my picture for the search term ‘asshole’ it would take me a fair amount of work and time to achieve. But what if instead of ‘asshole’ I would target a less competitive and somewhat more flattering term. Something like ‘considerably good looking man’ or ‘Quite a handsome man’?

If I achieved having my picture showing up when googling ‘quite a handsome man’, I would be able to pull off a significantly cheekier (and hopefully much more charming) answer and, ultimately, raise my levels of satisfaction when explaining my profession. Including the word ‘quite’ not only makes it easier to rank for but also adds a slight touch of humbleness to the equation. Brilliant!


quite a handsome man
This is the picture I will use to target ‘quite a handsome man’

Obviously I have included the term ‘quite a handsome man’  in the page title and content of this post, as well as in the file name and alt attribute of the image above. Basic SEO, but it should do the trick.


UPDATE:  Bingo! #1 on both Organic and Google images. I can now explain my profession in a way that is both easy to understand and cheeky. Mission accomplished.

By Rafa

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