Best Mozcon 2013 Quotes

Mozcon 2013 is bringing an amazing amount of knowledge, tips and trips to all of us inbound marketing fans. But what are the best quotes of this edition of Mozcon? Let’s get them all together in one post! Leave your favorite quotes in the comment section and I will be adding them when the Mozcon’s great wifi allows.

[quote author=”Avinash Kaushik” link=””]

Number of FB fans is a shitty fucking stupid metric



[quote author=”Carrie Gouldin” link=””]

With great metrics comes great responsibility

[/quote] [quote author=”Annie Cushing” link=””]

Don’t waste my time or I’ll punch you in the throat

[/quote] [quote author=”Mackenzie Fogelson” link=””]

Create a page and SEO the shit out of it!

[/quote] [quote author=”Aaron Wheeler” link=”aaron_wheeler “]

Create great content. Great help content

[/quote] [quote author=”Phil Nottingham” link=””]

You don’t have to do everything at once, but do it well

[/quote] [quote author=”Phil Nottingham” link=””]

To find Phil Nottingham on FB Graph Google “SEO in London who looks a bit like any character from Lord of the Rings”

[/quote] [quote author=”Annie Cushing” link=””]

When your boss is coming at you saying ‘you suck, you suck’ it’s not the time to say ‘oh wait, oh wait, it’s not provided!’


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